"Maya is teachable and that is one of the fundamental keys to success in this industry."

Peter DeAnello / Agent Big Fish Talent

" I was instantly impressed with Maya's maturity and professionalism, how well she took direction and how meticulous she was in creating her character.  She is a talented performer with a stellar singing voice, a hard worker and easy to work with."  

~  Anna Wilcox / Producer / Backstory

"We asked Maya to play an intense role and she tackled the challenge with a level of commitment and professionalism far beyond her years."

~ Stephen Vidano / Director / An Abuse of Power

"We dubbed Maya our 'mini-Meryl Streep' after her performance in An Abuse of Power.  Her depth amazed us." 

~Adrian Chynoweth / An Abuse of Power

"She has a presence on stage that is well beyond her years.  Besides being gifted with a powerful and unique singing voice, she has the ability to convey the emotions and intentions to the audience with ease."

~ Kimberly Jongejan / NYT

"Maya makes strong choices.  She's willing to take on challenges that are out of her depth and with her intellect and heart she brings true to life."  

~ Adam Lipsius

Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery

What Producers & Directors Say About Maya :

Maya Claridge